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Google Chrome: An emergency update has been released

Google Chrome: An emergency update has been released

Google Chrome has detected a massive security vulnerability in the operating system. According to the company, the exploit code has already been created and published by unknown people. An exploit code is a program that takes advantage of known vulnerabilities to harm computers and their users. Google has now released an update to close the security hole. The update released now will be distributed over the next few days and weeks.

By clicking on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the browser, under “Help” – “About Google Chrome”, you can check if the fixed version of the bug is already installed. A browser restart is required to activate the new version. Chrome developers rate the risk of the vulnerability causing problems as high. Visiting a maliciously tampered website may be enough to exploit the vulnerability, writes specialist

Weakness affects the noisy google Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine (CVE-2022-1096). Specifically, it is a type of confusion vulnerability. The program does not properly check the type of data transferred. wrote: “This can lead to errors due to lack of type conversion and data structures of different sizes, for example in subsequent copy operations.” It is conceivable that “the excess generated by the buffer will allow malicious code to be smuggled.”

Almost two weeks ago, Google closed several critical security holes in the Chrome web browser.

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