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Google has been fined for refusing to locate data in Russia

2021-07-29 14:01

2021-07-29 14:01

Google has been fined for refusing to locate data in Russia
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A Moscow court on Thursday fined Google 3 million rubles ($41 thousand) for its refusal to locate Russian users’ data in Russia. This is the first fine of its kind for Google, which was previously fined for not removing prohibited content

Tennis Court It was concluded that the company does not comply with Russian data protection regulations. And TASS reported the fine, referring to the court representative. Google confirmed the information about the fine, but did not comment on the court’s decision.

In February 2020, Twitter and Facebook were punished for refusing to locate data in Russia. Facebook paid the fine and Twitter appealed the ruling.

In April this year. The state regulator of the Internet, the Roskomnadzor office, demanded by the end of May answer questions from Google, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp about the location of the data in Russia. The office threatened to fine these services if they were refused.

Then in June of this year. The regulator has warned that Google could be fined up to 6 million rubles (about $82,000) for failing to locate Russian users’ personal data in databases in Russia.

In 2015, a law on the location of personal data was adopted in Russia. Any company, Russian or foreign, aiming to cooperate with Russian users, must ensure the registration, collection and storage of personal data of citizens of Russia using servers located on the territory of this country.

Anna Vrubel (PAP) from Moscow

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