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Google Maps crash all over the world

Google Maps crash all over the world

Google Maps not working? Don’t blame your hardware, the problem is elsewhere.

Google Maps crash all over the world

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Google Maps is one of the most important services not only from this manufacturer, but also in general. The usefulness and popularity of this app worldwide is also shown by the failures and the torrent of feedback from frustrated users. like today.

Google had some issues (because it’s not clear what’s going on at the moment) from about 4:30 PM our afternoon. It mostly comes down to Google Maps, both on computers and in mobile apps on smartphones.

At the moment, there are too many reports coming in. It is also clear that the failure in question has a global character. The residents of the United States seem to be in the worst position, but there are also problems in Europe, including Poland.

Google has not decided on any message yet.

Other Google services may not work properly either

Unfortunately, this is not the only bad news. To a lesser extent, but nevertheless, there are also comments about other Google services. Some users cannot enjoy the full functionality of Gmail, while others have a problem with the Chrome browser.

Have you noticed problems with any Google service yourself?

Source: downdetector, ZaufanaTrzeciaStrona, Photo: unplash

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