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Google TV introduces user profiles: you finally won’t see your little sister’s content anymore


Google TV finally gets user profiles – after users have been out for about a year. Now you no longer need to see content suggestions for your little sister.

Finally in order in the chicken coop: with its long-awaited user profiles, Google TV can also be reasonably used by entire large families. (Source: © Google)

  • Google TV finally got user profiles.
  • The new feature was announced a year ago.
  • The global update will be rolled out immediately to all compatible devices.

Based on Android TV, Google TV is designed to give you easier access to your favorite apps and content. However, so far this has only worked if the platform on Chromecast or Smart TV is not used by different users or even entire families.

If you’re only using one profile in a streaming service with many people with different interests, the algorithm, which is actually based on your personal preferences, gets very muddled. Accordingly, the Google TV interface without user profiles, which was specifically intended for smart TV in the living room, led to an absurdity.

Come now to the Insider-Blog9to5googleFrom Google, the recovery signal indicates that the functionality of the Google TV is finally modified.

All compatible devices in succession should be equipped with the important update from now on – finally allowing you to easily choose between Amazon Prime Video and YouTube without constantly showing your little sister content.

Google had already promised a similar update in summer 2021, but then put it on hold for now.

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