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Growing concern about the spread of infection in Britain

Growing concern about the spread of infection in Britain

Over the past year, issues related to the workplace and work environment such as the avalanche have increased. We have faced new challenges when the workplace has been digitized and many are wondering how we should act after the pandemic. Simployer works every day to provide answers to these questions and supports employers in the transition process.

Simployer believes that the work environment and work environment of the future is a combination of working from home and in the office where freedom of choice and collaboration are emphasized.

The employer’s vision is to facilitate being a good employer. We work primarily with HR departments where we lead courses and advise on how to create a well-functioning workplace. With the pandemic, there has been an explosion of questions about how the workplace should function. We are there as a consultant and a role model, says Fredrik Christianson, Simployer’s director in Sweden.

Company culture and values ​​are something that many companies have built over an extended period of time in the office. It also becomes difficult for employers to agree with their employees on how they feel. Therefore, a hybrid working environment is an alternative we believe in, says Lena Wepplinger, Head of Content and Expert at Simployer.

A place for social gathering

With vaccinations underway now, questions arise about what the workplace will look like when we can start returning to the office. Sim Employer believes in a solution where the office acts as a gathering place where employees come to meet and have more social exchange than just going there and then sitting alone at their computers and working.

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We can do most of the work from home but we need a place to get energy and really be visible. Therefore, the role of the physical office remains important – but in a different way than before. Employees are also more likely to ask for a workplace where they can work from home and in the office.

We believe that those who want to be in the office should be able to, but those who want to work more at home will have the opportunity to do so as well. The office should be a place you want to go and that will perform a social function. If you try to summarize it simply, you can say that we see before us that it has shifted from a “place of work” to a “meeting place”, says Frederic Christianson.

About the employer

Are employees the most valuable asset to your business? Then it is important to manage their skills and build a sustainable corporate culture! Sim Employer supports and simplifies the work day for managers, HR and employees for more than 1.2 million users in Sweden and Norway. Our goal is clear: to make it easy to be a good business owner.

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