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Guardians of the Galaxy – Kick to the Heart

Guardians of the Galaxy will get a new game in just one week. So, a new trailer with the music of the Mötley Crüe band has appeared.

Guardians of the Galaxy It is undoubtedly one of the most diverse groups of heroes to date marvel. star lordAnd GamoraAnd DraxAnd Rocket And old In a few days they will be engaged in another crazy act. Of course, there is no shortage of suitable music. what about Kickstart my heart from motley crowe? Below you will find the first trailer for the game, where this piece was used.

Guardians of the Galaxy It will be released on both previous and new generation consoles on October 26th. The game will be available both digitally and in box. The title will include Polish dubbing and will be released by siniga. There will be many decisions that will have an impact on how our comrades see us. However, we will only play in star lord. Of course, music plays a big role in his confrontations with his opponents. So we heard in one of the previous articles Stand up for the hero from Bonnie Tyler, and here I wrote about the sequence with bad reputation from Joan Jett. I have to admit that music is one of the biggest reasons I look forward to it guardians. Fortunately, there is only a week left until the premiere.

Will you check out the action game from a third person perspective? Let me know in the comments.