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He claims to be Superman’s nephew and they don’t believe him; Henry Cavill takes him to school

Thomas He claimed to be Superman’s nephew And after crossing to get out of you are a liar and send it to the address, Henry Cavill He went to school for him.

little boy by name Thomas started in Say In his school it Uncle was Superman, One of the most famous superheroes in the capital.

It all started when the 7-year-old boy arrived at school dressed as Superman, arousing the curiosity of his classmates and teachers.

Henry Cavill and his nephew Thomas (

“Uncle Superman,” Thomas said without anyone believing him.

He asserted that his uncle was Superman so he wanted to be like him, but this only caused ridicule among his peers.

The teachers tried to explain to him that Superman is a fictional character, and he refuted the claim His uncle was Superman.

However, in the face of Thomas’ refusal, the teachers scolded him and sent him to the address to say Lying.

Given this, they decide to call their mother to talk to her son and stop inventing things, but, His mother confirmed the story!

This only caused more anger among the school authorities, so to end the discussions, she decided to call her brother-in-law.

His son-in-law ended up being an actor Henry Cavillwho decided Shows quickly in School to save reputation her nephew.

When everyone at school saw the arrival Henry Cavill For Thomas, they left the teasing for the 7-year-old boy who is now accompanied by Superman, his uncle.

It was Henry Cavill who told the story

This tale about little Thomas was told by Henry Cavill himself during a television interview.

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And although it was released a little over a year ago, Henry Cavill told it, only now الآن become a trend in social networks.

This is after a picture Henry Cavill with his nephew Thomas – who wore a T-shirt with a logo Superman– when he was For him at school.