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HIGH League 2. Yes Michał “Owca” Owczarzak is getting ready to fight [WIDEO]

Michał “Owca” Owczarzak will be one of the main stars of HIGH League 2 on February 5 at the Tauron Arena Krakow. Watch how the leader of the “Warszawski Koks” prepares to fight Jarosław “pasha Biceps” Jarząbkowski.

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YouTube / High League / Pictured: Michał Owczarzak trains under Zbigniew Raubo

The duel of Jarosław Jarząbkowski vs Michał Owczarzak will be the main fight on the February evening in Krakow and will be based on boxing in small gloves (for MMA).

“Owca” is a member of the “Warsaw Coke” team who showcases his work on YouTube and social media. So far, he’s impressed with his build and the results of his strength. His perseverance and results impressed millions of fans. There is another challenge ahead of him – a cage fight.

On YouTube, he praised his workouts. His coach was Zbigniew Raubo, an experienced boxing coach who had previously prepared, among others, UFC player Krzysztof Jotka.

Sheepdog will not have an easy task. His rival, the famous “pashaBiceps”, will be preparing for his caged premiere at Poland’s best mixed martial arts club, WCA Fight Team, under the watchful eye of talented Anzor Ażijew.

During the HIGH League 2 party, eight duels will take place, involving the most famous Polish stars of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Artists who shine in front of the camera lenses and in the flash light will appear in the round cage, their creativity driving our daily lives. The fight card will also include stars from the capital of Malopolska.

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HIGH League 2 tickets are now on sale on Ticket prices start from PLN 70.

Information regarding the event will be announced gradually on the league’s social media.

Watch the video:

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Will the “sheep” defeat the “two-headed pasha”?

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