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Historical! NASA will broadcast live video of its first spacewalk in 2022

The United States: a historical event that occurred recently after NASA live broadcast a Live video from the beginning space walk 2022. Given this, two Russian cosmonauts left International Space Station (EEI) on January 19 in order to prepare for the new Modulo Prishal Which will work for the arrival of new spaceships.

In this sense, the US space agency’s eyes were caught after it was reported that Anton Shkaplerov, commander of Expedition 66, and Pyotr Dobrov, flight engineer at Roscosmos, would begin their spacewalks. With an approximate duration of six hours, planning had considered leaving the Poisk unit, only on the side where the Russian part faced the space.

Similarly, the astronauts installed a handrail, as well as before the standoff, a television camera and various docking targets. Remember that in November 2021, the Prichal was automatically attached to the Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory Module. For this reason, the work of space agencies has been a real milestone in the issues of astronomy and the work of NASA and Roscosmos.

Therefore, Shkaplerov served as a member of the Extravehicular Crew 1 (EV1) and used the Russian Orlan spacesuit with red stripes highlighted. For his part, Dobrov wore a blue striped suit that revealed he was part of the Extra-Vehicle 2 (EV2) crew. Meanwhile, this was the first spacewalk in 2022, and with it there are already 246 “exits”, the purpose of which was the assembly, maintenance and modernization of the space station.

Likewise, various space agencies have revealed that this is only the first of several spacewalks scheduled to take place in 2022. Among them, a European robotic arm is expected to be equipped at the Naoka Laboratory, in order to activate the airlock that will be a key element for future spacewalks, according to NASA.