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How is the parcel shipped quickly and cheaply?  - Melek | |  city ​​gate

How is the parcel shipped quickly and cheaply? – Melek | | city ​​gate

  1. How to quickly send a parcel using the InPost Mobile app?
  2. Convenient online payments
  3. Why is it worth using InPost services?

How to quickly send a parcel using the InPost Mobile app?

Most of us are looking for a way cheap shipping. They are useful when we want to return an order to an online store or quickly send an important item to a loved one. No matter where we ship and what we ship, it’s worth learning how to use InPost’s services, which will save money even with larger packages. In the case of InPost, it is possible to send a parcel using the mobile application. All you have to do is download the appropriate software from Google Play, App Store or Huawei App Gallery. And using the app is very simple. Simply click on the icon with the arrow that means Submit. The next step is to complete the information about the sender and recipient. Personal details and addresses are required. The next step is to pay for the shipment. In this case, the user can choose one of the proposed payment methods. If this stage is completed, a special 9-digit post code and QR code will be generated in the application. At this point, we must go with the parcel to the nearest Parcel Locker or the so-called Parcel Point. When sending a parcel in the parcel locker, scan the QR code on the parcel locker screen. Then select the option “I have a shipping code or a return code”. And this is actually the end of the procedure.

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Convenient online payments

InPost’s parcel lockers are also convenient because you can choose the payment method. In this way, each customer has the opportunity to modify the transaction to his own preferences. In theory, such solutions are becoming more and more popular, but in practice only some companies offer a wide range of options. If we’re in a hurry, it’s worth choosing the Quick Shipments tab on the company’s website. You just need to pay for the shipping, and the website generates a package label for us. You must print it and stick it to the pre-secured package. The following steps are similar to the previous method. You should scan the label on the parcel locker and put the parcel into the box, which will open automatically. Finally, let’s not forget to close the door.

Why is it worth using InPost services?

Currently, more and more people are using the services offered by parcel lockers. All thanks to its easy and fast operation. It is also worth noting the low prices. It does not cost much to send a larger package.