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How to leave a WhatsApp group without leaving a trace

How to leave a WhatsApp group without leaving a trace

Most likely, the new update will arrive first for Android users and later for iOS and web version.

The WhatsApp You are allowed to invite anyone to a group, as long as that person has the ability to accept those invitations turned on. Until that moment, There is no way to leave groups Anonymously and without leaving the “Out of Group” message.

Luckily, WhatsApp works to allow anyone to leave groups without a file Application select it, It is an option that users have requested for a long time.

And it will really be a very useful option. How many times has someone been invited to a WhatsApp group that has nothing to do with one. Parties you didn’t think of going to, groups that parents create with school kids, invitations from the person you don’t like very much.

When all these situations happen, Surely one would think of leaving the group even before reading the first message, But WhatsApp so far does not allow this action to be silenced; Someone left as if they didn’t want to share space with others.

With this update coming soon, it will be really interesting to leave a collection anonymous and without having to archive it until you lose sight of it.

Yes you can leave a group in ninja mode, but only one person will know

WhatsApp has recently made significant improvements to its groups. Communities And soon they also expanded the number of users who can join any WhatsApp group: Up to 512 people. Additionally, the company has begun working on an option that is beginning to appear in the web version code.

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First, you have to summarize. When someone leaves a WhatsApp group, The application always warns that the person withdraws from the said group, But what is new is that he will stop doing that.

WaBetaInfo is responsible for detecting recents related to WhatsApp groups: As shown in the screenshot, taken from the web version of the app, WhatsApp has included silent group skipping in its messaging preferences.

Once enabled, Anyone can leave the group without notifying the application of their leaving, Which is exactly what has happened so far. Of course, this novelty has an important nuance.

Although WhatsApp will not announce that a user has left the group, it will do so with the administrators of the said group. This means that it will not be completely anonymous because the owner of the group and anyone who becomes responsible, will know when a member leaves the group.

As it usually happens with news that WhatsApp tests at the code level, It is not known when the company will enable anonymous group bypass. It is currently hidden in the web version; It will definitely be hidden in beta versions of Android y Iphone; In the future, it will eventually reach stable versions of mobile applications. Perhaps when the communities are published permanently.

How to avoid adding to more groups on WhatsApp

If you do not want to be added to groups without your consent, go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy > Groups. There you can configure who can add you to the group: everyone, my contacts (only certain people) or no one.

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in option “My contacts, except for…” This is where you can choose which contacts can get permission to add you to the group.

If selected ‘all communication’ (icon in the top right), no one will be able to add you to the group and that person will have to invite you with a link so that you can accept yourself and thus join the group.