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Hundreds forced to flee: ‘Heart started beating at 200’

Hundreds forced to flee: ‘Heart started beating at 200’

On Sunday, Edvin Simonson and his sister Nana went to Copenhagen for the Harry Styles concert at the Royal Arena. The stadium is located near the Fields Shopping Center in Amager in the Örestad district.

Edvin Simonson was there before the concert, when he suddenly saw terrified people running for their lives, crying and screaming.

– I thought it was a shooting. Edvin says the heart starts beating at 200 right away SVT News.

His sister at the time was inside the mall, so his top priority was to make sure the sister was out of the mall.

– Then we ran from there and called our parents, says Edvin Simonson to the TV channel.

“Shoot and smash windows”

The last person inside the mall at the time of the shooting was Mahdi al-Wazani. to me Jyllands-Posten He says he made eye contact with the perpetrator when he and his family tried to escape from the scene.

“I was in the restaurant department upstairs in Fields with the family when we heard people screaming and running to find an exit,” he told the newspaper.

When Mahdi al-Wazzani and his older brother tried to collect the children, he could not find his teenage daughter. And when he was looking for her, he saw the culprit.

– I would say that he was 200 meters in front of me and he had a rifle. Then I took out the phone to take a photo. I did if he was going to shoot. But my only goal was to find my daughter, says Mahdi Al-Wazzani, and continues:

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– He laughed and said they weren’t real shots, maybe he tried to trick me and get close to me. Then he shot and smashed the windows. I think he fired five or six times.

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