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Hurricane Bori Tucholsky.  A strong wind tore down the trees and threw them away.  "That was enough"

Hurricane Bori Tucholsky. A strong wind tore down the trees and threw them away. “That was enough”

Nine years ago, a powerful hurricane destroyed Tucholsky. A similar incident happened four years ago. No casualties were reported at this time, but photos show an enormous amount of damage.

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Massive devastation in Bohemia in Moravia after the storm

A hurricane in Bori Tucholsky. The forests are being destroyed, but no one is being hurt

A catastrophic wind, storm and hail – all of this happened on Wednesday at the Guavian-Pomeranian Voidoship. According to firefighters, there are huge losses in the area Bori Tucholsky And iewiecie poviat where losses are calculated.

This afternoon, a hurricane passed through Bori Tucholsky and destroyed the forest

– The Regional Directorate of State Forests in Torres was informed via Facebook yesterday.

“Fallen trees in some places have left people trapped in cars,” it said. No one was injured, according to state Forest Service. The Doru Forest Administration has announced that firefighters with fallen trees will only begin to count the losses if they are able to clear the roads.

According to firefighters working at the site – a storm and hail broke several hundred trees. – There are more than 50 interventions for fallen trees and damaged roofs. The trees are being slaughtered, he told the portal On duty at the fire service in Świecie.

The forest dwellers from Ozzy said, “Ozzy, Nova Rezeka, Stara Huta and Raincove forest conditions have been affected. There are single trees all over the forest. Shelters and focal point in the bay have been destroyed.

The Ozzy Forest District is calling with caution. “People are acting irresponsibly”

OC Forest District staff on Wednesday reported how the storm was in their area. “It’s enough, it got dark at first, and then a big hailstorm started, and a wind blew from the billing clouds.” The rain lasted only 15 minutes, but caused great damage.

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Foresters call with caution during bad weather. According to them through social media, some people do not care about the work of firefighters. “People are behaving irresponsibly. The most important thing is to get the phones and records out of the senses under the wheels of the machines and under the suspended trees.

In turn, the administration of the Toro forest asks that, for your own protection, do not enter the destroyed areas. Despite the actions of firefighters, repair work in many places will continue for several weeks.