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‘I can hate politicians’: Marion Cotillard tells Leah Salameh in all her disgust with politics

In an interview that Léa Salamé gave at L’invité de 7h50 on the France Inter on Monday, May 16th, Marion Cotillard explained that the only feeling of hatred she had ever felt in her life was directed at politicians.

Marion Cotillard, mother of two children, Marcel and Louise, is a satisfied mother but not a satisfied citizen. She has already captivated her dissatisfaction with the decisions of politicians. “I am sorry to say that I am completely desperate,” she said it It’s up to you In September 2021. She lamented the stagnation of politicians. As a longtime environmental activist, she found that the lack of work was enormous for the environment. His position did not please Emmanuel Macron very much.

The latter could have fallen: “She pisses me off with Cotillard,” According to an excerpt from Traitor and nothingness revealed before UPS. The authors have already described a scene between the President of the Republic and Jean-Marc Dumont, the producer of the shows. The interview took place in France Inter, this Monday, May 16, Marion Cotillard was a guest on Leah Salama at 7:50 a.m. She came to promote the movie brother and sisterWritten by Arnaud Desplechin, which will be released on Friday, May 20 and will be presented at the official selection at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

“I don’t know who to choose”

“Playing this full human sense of hate didn’t scare you?” , He first asked Leah Salameh. The 46-year-old actress replied: “No, because far from hate, it’s the end of love. […] It was interesting to explore why love stopped To search for the cause, and to search for what makes that within oneself, we will be able to evoke this very strong feeling, Very destructive, which persists.”

A devastating feeling she already experienced, but not for those around her. I can hate people I don’t knowadmitted. I can hate politicians, for example.”. In the face of this confidence, Leah Salameh sought to regain her strength: “I can’t ask you who?” Marion Cotillard’s annoyance resulted in a smile: “No, there are so many… I don’t know which one to choose.” And to add: “Because they are going to give me that feeling Anger, frustration, lack of understanding, abandonment…” Like some love stories.

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