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IKEA in Szczecin.  When is the opening?  We have an official date!  See photos from the inside

IKEA in Szczecin. When is the opening? We have an official date! See photos from the inside

There are many indications that the warmest spring days in Szczecin will be at the end of May. This is when IKEA will welcome its first guests. – We have finally opened a store in Szczecin, the city with which we have a lot in common – officially announced the representatives of the Swedish series.

IKEA in Szczecin. We finally reached the opening date!

– We are waiting for our customers in Szczecin at ul. Białowieska 2 – The press office of IKEA Retail reports Polska. It can be reached by public transport from all over the city. We have also prepared a free car park with 750 parking spaces, including for families with children and people with disabilities, and a roofed car park for bicycles and motorcycles. There are eight paid express charging stations waiting for electric vehicle owners.

The opening of IKEA in Szczecin. when?

  • Official The IKEA store in Szczecin is scheduled to open on May 31 on the 10th.
  • However, there would be no celebrations, parties, ribbon cutting, etc., all due to the sewage system. Ikea representatives stress that the most important thing for them is the health and safety of customers and employees.
  • The overriding theme of the inaugural campaign that will accompany customers in the first weeks of the store’s operation is “openness” that illustrates the different aspects of IKEA activities.
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– The 2012 Positive People and Planet Sustainable Development Strategy and the City Strategy – the floating park has many in common – says Carol Tomczyk, IKEA District Manager. In both, caring for the planet and its resources, sustainable development and thinking about a green future are essential. The openness of residents and city authorities accompanied the investment from the start. Like us, the people of Szczecin look to the future through the prism of caring for people and the environment.

– I think opening a store in Szczecin perfectly shows how we impact the sustainable development of the markets in which we operate – says Karen Skold, President and General Manager Sustainable Development at Ikea Retail Polska. I hope to inspire customers in Szczecin and the region to a better and healthier life at home. 2021 is a special year for IKEA in Poland. We celebrate 60 years of our operation in Poland, which is why I am so happy that a new IKEA store is now open in Szczecin.

The store will operate in compliance with applicable hygienic rules. The network has introduced a number of additional precautionary measures.

IKEA? Residents of Szczecin have been waiting for years …

The opening of the Swedish store in Szczecin has sparked the imagination of residents of the city and region for years. Rumors about its construction date back at least 5 years, when plans and visualizations for the giant facility, which will be located near the Auchan shopping center in Ostau, in the municipality of Kuipasco, were published on the Internet. However, the head of Kołbaskowo, Małgorzata Schwarz, soon cut short the speculation.

Rumors only turned to something more in 2019. Adrian Cerkowniak, a Gumieńce residential property consultant, posted on social media a screen announcing the development of the area on Biaowieska Street and Mieszko I.

You can read in it that the plot of land was intended for building an exhibition, service and commercial facility with the accompanying infrastructure. Although IKEA did not officially confirm the construction at the time, it did not deny it either. After a few weeks, everything is clear, and you will be able to visit the Ikea store in Szczecin.

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Watch the show(53 photos)[53صورة)

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