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Immersed by "three".  He was far away again

Immersed by “three”. He was far away again

The own hall was to give the desired space. However, PK Nisni Novgorod had a different opinion. Ena Justal lost to BC Zielona Góra VTB for the fourth time – this time 77:95. Searching for positives is futile …

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Dragon Abyss (thrower)

PAP / Lech Muszyński / Photo: Dragon Abig (thrower)

The Polish runner-up have no treatment to cure their game. Oliver Widin’s players again lost nearly 100 points and left the court again as losers.

The match hadn’t started exactly yet, and Justal had already lost in the double digits. In the first quarter alone the guests received 6 throws for three points and thanks to that they took the lead as 33:15.

Interestingly, with such good performance away from competitors, Vidin shifted his defense to the “zone”. It had an effect. Some saved actions, easy points of quick attack and confidence returned.

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Zastal reached Niżny with two “eyes” (54:56), but then Mikhail Kulagin fired two “three” and the guests caught their breath. They were able to jump quickly by a two-digit margin and did not reach the Polish runners-ups until the last.

In total, they scored 17 long-distance shots in the CRS hall, and this was without a doubt the main statistician. Five of the editors of such hits – nothing after turning the pages. Whenever there was an opportunity for communication, the ball was stopped at the edge and the guests used their opportunities mercilessly.

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Another problem is that Gilona Cora’s players made 19 losses and Nisni’s players converted them to 29 “points”. With numbers like this, it was hard to dream of the first VTB success of the season.

Nemanja Nenadic, who served on both sides of the court, scored 20 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. 20 “points” and 6 rebounds were added by Jaroslav Jiskovsky, and Dragon Abik saw a double-double.

Among the winners was Roland’s Freemanis. A year ago, the Latvian went crazy about jastel colors – he was voted the best reserve pick of the competition on VTB. The fans greeted him and said goodbye with applause as he was honored at Gilona Cora.

The Vidin team will play another match on VTB next Sunday. Competitor BC Tsmoki Minsk – So there will be fights of teams that have not yet experienced the taste of victory. Earlier, on Thursday, Justel Enerca will face GDK Clive in the Basketball League. Zielona Góra’s team will play both matches “at home”.

Ene Justal BC Gilona Cora – BK Nisni Novgorod 77:95 (15:33, 31:21, 15:19, 16:22)

Stopped: Nemanja Nenadik 20, Jaroslav Ziskowski 20, Dragon Abik 16, Brandon Frazier 11, Christoph Sulima 4, David Premley 2, Devo Joseph 2, Conrad Simansky 2, Andrzej Zurzak 00, Tonisak 00.

Low: Ilya Platonov 19, Michael Gulakin 15, Pavel Antipov 11, Sergei Toropov 11, Ivan Strepkov 10, Maxim Lichudin 9, Roland’s Freemanis 9, Alexander Kankovich 6, Anton Gardnakishvili, Nikov 5,

VTB 2021/2022

# Team M % W B +
1 CSKA Moscow 4 100 4 371 247
2 Autodor Saratov 4 75 3 1 368 359
3. Unix Kazan 4 75 3 1 347 311
4. Kimu Astana 3 66.7 2 1 240 215
5. Janet St. Petersburg 3 66.7 2 1 250 222
6. Yenisei Krasnoyarsk 2 50 1 1 167 164
7. Locomotive Cuban Grosnoder 4 50 2 2 366 384
8 Burma Basket Perm 2 50 1 1 138 157
9. PK Nisni Novgorod 4 50 2 2 308 313
10 BC Callow / Cromo Tallinn 4 25 1 3 305 324
11. BC Tsmoki Minsk 4 4 285 357
12. Ene Justal BC. Gilona Cora 4 4 281 376
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