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Important Senate victory for Biden – Democrats retain majority

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto Trump-backed Republican defeated Adam Laxalt In Nevada, according to US media predictions. Thus, the electoral race for the Senate in the US Congress is determined.

about the president Joe Biden This is good news because it means that the Senate can block legislative initiatives from the House of Representatives.

easier for Biden

– It’s very important. This means that Democrats have very different opportunities to influence the outcome of legislation in the United States, he says Plank Day He is Professor of North American Studies at Uppsala University.

– If the House passes a law, for example, that Democrats oppose, it will be sent to the Senate for approval, as always. Then the Senate can vote on it or not accept it for consideration.

The result in the House of Representatives is not yet clear, as not all votes have been counted.

Important dates

Another important thing for Biden is that he can appoint his judges and continue to get Senate approval for them.

Biden has been very successful at that in his first two years. No judge has been appointed to the HD yet but a significant number to the lower levels of the federal system. It is at least as important if not more important as most goals are set at lower levels.

On the whole, Biden and the Democrats came out of the midterms strong, with the result against all expectations of a big Republican wave, notes Dag Blank.

It was the Republicans who lost, not least Donald Trump who was very active and gave his support to a number of candidates. I have lost many of them.

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