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W bezobsługowej Żabce również kupisz hot doga. Przygotuje go… robot

In Żabka Nano stores, sausages will be prepared by … a robot

Żabka never ceases to surprise with its concepts for a modern store. The concept of the fully independent Żappka Store and Żabka Nano will acquire a new solution, which is … a robot for preparing sausages.

Ruby will eliminate one of the shortcomings of Żabka Nano

Żabka stores may seem to pop up like mushrooms. In many cities, individual shops are no more than a few hundred meters away, which allows us to come to the premises for a snack, coffee or sausage. Żabka is also developing its own independent stores – Żappka Store and abka Nano, where customers will not find service or cash registers.

Unfortunately, so far, customers have not been able to buy the popular snack, sausage, anywhere signed with these brands. Unlike picking products off the shelf or making an option in the coffee machine, the preparation process is a bit more complicated and the shop cannot entrust the process to the customer.

Pozna decided to solve this problem a little differently, offering its customers the possibility of using a robot called Robbie. He prepares a hot dog as desired by the customer within a few minutes. Żabka is currently testing this robot in one of the Nano concept buildings, and after testing is complete, it will appear in other maintenance-free stores.

The first store in the Nano concept opened at the end of 2021 in Piaseczno | photo by abka

pilot is running

If the pilot hot dog robot In case of success, customers of the Nano and Żappka chain stores will be able to say goodbye to one of the shortcomings of these outlets and also come to them for this snack. Perhaps such a move will reduce queues in traditional chain stores, since you often have to stand in the back to order sausages. I’ll add that from my own notes free maintenance Its popularity is growing, but thanks to the elimination of queues and the process of checking products at checkout, it is often many times faster to shop there.

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Currently, independent Nano and Żappka Store outlets can be found in Warsaw, Piaseczno, Pozna, Wrocław, Katowice, Kraków and Tri-City. The first device was launched about a year ago, and it is currently available to customers More than 40 such places. The network did not specify when it plans to terminate the robot pilot Robbie, or whether it will move to all locations in the country.