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Increased covid avalanche in Italy

Covid-19 is increasing sharply in Italy.

In just one week, 600,000 new cases were reported, according to SR Ecot.

People who are particularly at risk should protect themselves with a mouthguard and the fourth dose of the vaccine, says the country’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

It’s an avalanche-like increase, but not only when it comes to documented cases. The pressure on intensive care units has also become tougher. In one week, the pressure increased by more than 36 percent.

The sharp increase is likely due to a new omicron variant, BA.5, which is spreading across Europe at the moment.

Summer, which was otherwise relatively quiet, when it came to the fall of COVID-19 in Europe, is now showing the opposite effect. At the same time last year, documented cases in Italy were 100 times lower.

More than 9 out of 10 of Italy’s population have been vaccinated.

Healthcare workers working with patients infected with covid-19 in Italy earlier this year.

Måneskin wants to move the concert

Tonight, Saturday 9 July, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest will win moon light concert in ROM. Concert many doctors wanted to take until he turned down cases again.

– I would say the Moonlight party is going to be crazy right now, says Dr. Marcello Pelli, according to Wanted in Rome.

Doctors also believe that there is no point in introducing requirements for oral protection or other similar restrictions into the concert.

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Those who think that 70,000 people, in 40-degree heat, will wear a mask at a concert when they sing and dance are lying, and they know it, says Marco Trivoli, SNAMI’s regional secretary.