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Incredible!  Portugal will play in the play-off round.  A disaster in 90th minute football

Incredible! Portugal will play in the play-off round. A disaster in 90th minute football

As the fight in the A, B and H groups lasted until the last round, all the teams trembled for this promotion until the last. What’s more interesting: he weighed himself in live matches because the Croatians played against the Russians, the Spaniards against the Swedes, and the Portuguese against the Serbs.

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It could be the new star of the Polish national team. “Joy among the fans”

New Polish record? This result is beyond your head. Historical moment

Russia’s play in L’s last game. World Cup

Croatia first started with Split to play with Russia. The guests arrived there with the intention of winning a goalless draw. Such As a result Will give them a direct promotion to the World Cup. Prior to this match, the Russians had 22 points and the Croats had 20 points. The victory only allowed the hosts to jump beyond the Russians.

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The Russians carried out the plan until the 81st minute, when Bourne Sosa crossed the left side into the penalty area. Must play at least one football player VfB Stuttgart None of the Croatians were caught, and the spectators gathered at the stand went crazy in delight anyway. The reason was the dangerous intervention of Fyodor Kudryasho. The Russian acted hopelessly in his own penalty area. After Sosa’s cross, the ball bounced off his feet and surprised Madvez Safono.

That is the only goal in this game. One goal propelled the Croatians to the top of the table and a direct promotion to the World Cup. The Russians finished second in the qualifying rounds, meaning they will fight in the play-offs for a trip to Qatar in the spring – just like the Polish national team.

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First the fault of the Serbs, then the Portuguese

Prior to the game, the Serbs had points similar to those of Portugal (17), but had a poor goal balance (plus 8, Portugal plus 12). That’s why they needed a win on Sunday. They found it very difficult in the second minute when Renato Sanchez scored a goal for Portugal. With the great participation of the Serbs. Nemanji Goodelje, in particular, lost the ball in front of his own penalty area in an apparently harmless situation.

But the Serbs fought. To the end. And they used their mistakes – to save a shot from Rui Patricio Dusan Dodic in the 33rd minute. However, he sent the ball between his hands and even though he tried to hit it, he did so behind the goal line.

Portugal - SerbiaPortugal – 95 seconds in Serbia match and a different goal. Inexplicable [WIDEO]

From the start of the second half, the Serbs played two forwards – Alexander Mitrovic appeared on the pitch. He also scored the winning goal in the 90th minute, which gave his team a direct promotion to the World Cup. Portugal will play in the play-offs.

The reserve team retires to the Spanish players

The Swedes did not have to fight for victory on Sunday as they advanced to first place in the group on Thursday (0: 2) after Sweden’s unexpected defeat to Georgia. A draw was enough for them in Seville. Emil Forsberg scored two good shots but it was a draw until the break. The latter in particular – in the 37th minute – should have ended with a goal for Sweden when the RB Leipzig midfielder crossed the line.

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This is the best chance for the Swedes in this match. Besides, the Spaniards haven’t made a great one in a long time. In fact, until the 86th minute, Danny Olmo hit the crossbar from a distance and Alvaro Morata was able to complete his shot. Sweden needed two goals to advance directly to the World Cup, but they did not score. That’s why they play in the play-offs.

Results of Sunday’s matches in L.A. For the 2022 World Cup

  • Croatia – Russia 1-0
  • Malta – Slovakia 0: 6
  • Slovenia – Cyprus 2: 1
  • Armenia – Germany 1: 4
  • Liechtenstein – Romania 0: 2
  • Northern Macedonia – Iceland 3: 1 *
  • Greece 1-1 Kosovo
  • Spain – Sweden 1-0
  • Luxembourg – Ireland 0: 3
  • Portugal – Serbia 1: 2

* Northern Macedonia also advanced to the play-offs on Sunday (and here).