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Incredible scenes – here they flee in panic |  sports

Incredible scenes – here they flee in panic | sports

The juniors were ahead of the rugby match between Catalan Dragons and St Helens in the Premier League Strange scenes unfolded.

To honor the quality of the beef in the southern French city of Perpignan where the Catalans are based, three bulls were allowed to accompany the players into the arena before the game.

Then it all went well.

The pictures show how one of the bulls suddenly broke free of his handlers and rushed onto the field, right in the middle of the Catalan warm-up.

he fled in a panic

The players dropped everything and fled from the bull in a panic, which eventually slowed down and could be captured.

Clips of the bull’s antics quickly went viral on Twitter.

How do we get more people to rugby? Unleash the bull and make the players run for their livesone user wrote.

Who would have thought this was such a good idea?wrote another.

The match could then be played as planned, and was won by the Catalans 24-12. con%5Es1_& %2Fsport%2Frugbyleague%2Farticle-12052539%2FRaging-BULL-Carnage-erupts-France-rampaging-animal-breakks-loose-players-flee.html

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