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Instagram is working on a new way to show Stories

Instagram works on Stories view. (Photo: VIX)

plan Instagram To resemble tik tok They go beyond prioritizing videos over photo posts.

the social red It appears to be testing a new way to display Stories, clearly inspired by the app Byte DanceAnd Allowing vertical scrolling and skipping circular animations to the side.

How will the new update work in Instagram Stories

Currently, users have two ways to scroll through Instagram Stories. On the other hand, in Touch the edge of the screen, an action that also allows viewing of various posts shared by the user. exactly the contrary, swipe left (to go to the next account) or to the right (to go back).

With the new preview, and as a Twitter user explains Matt NavarraAnd Scrolling to the next account will be done vertically. Obviously, if you touch the border to see the rest of the posts from the same user, the Instagram post will still be.

Currently, the new way to view Instagram Stories isIt is only available for some users in Turkey, Because it is an experience.

In fact, the app has been working on the feature for a year, which is another trick to compete with TikTok. The global launch has not been confirmed.

A stored image of the Instagram logo on a smartphone.  August 3, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas White
A stored image of the Instagram logo on a smartphone. August 3, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas White

The social network is also planning to implement new account and home feed options.

At the same time, Instagram is also working on an option that allows users Change the order in which posts appear on your profile. the ImplementationRemember, post photos or videos in chronological order.

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In other words, newest comes first. On the other hand, the new function It will allow you to change this order, Users can Drag the photo that was posted months ago, for example, to the first position.

Another post comes to the social network owned by Facebook social networking site is a possibility Choose from three different feeds. The Instagram home page will display a section for the home page, where all posts will appear dynamically, as before.

This means, first of all, things that may be of interest to users, regardless of when they were posted. In this feed, it will also show relevant content from other accounts that you don’t follow.

Alternatively, you can also Choose from a feed that only shows posts from an account you follow and one that has a favorite tag for users.

New feed for Instagram with options.  (Photo: cuba.eseuro)
New feed for Instagram with options. (Photo: cuba.eseuro)

The trick is to post a photo on different accounts and at the same time on Instagram

Creating an Instagram account is easy, as with having multiple personal accounts and even fake accounts. It is possible in these cases that many people have an account for their personal use, where they have all their friends, and an account where they collect other records related to them related to a particular interest (eg blogging).

No matter how you use this sub-account, You may want to post photos to multiple Instagram accounts at once.

This can be a tedious process for many people, as sometimes it happens to copy and paste text you typed directly from one account to another. But if you have both accounts connected, you can skip this cumbersome step and do the following:

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– The lesson Instagram

– Go to the banner Plus In the upper right corner

– Choose all pictures What do you want to post?

– tap on next and enter the section Version

– In the lower You will see the different accounts you can post to

– Click on Transformation from the other account

From there you just have to click the button to publish So that the photos can be accessed at the same time for both accounts.

This same step can also be used Send a post to your linked Facebook accounts or even to TwitterAnd If this is the case.

Instagram feed.  (Photo: E-Commerce News)
Instagram feed. (Photo: E-Commerce News)

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