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Instagram will allow all its users to share links in Stories

In the photo is the Instagram logo. EFE / EPA / SASCHA STEINBACH / ARCHIVE

In recent days, Instagram has decided to make some changes to the functionality that everyone already considered “normal” so that it can open up to a wider audience and democratize its platform. First, it was with the option to upload posts through its web version, and now it surprised everyone by announcing that it works An option so that all users can put links in stories.

From the beginning, this application has limited the number of people who can enjoy the so-called sliding links, a swipe up, where only users with verified accounts or with at least 10,000 followers can choose this tool. your finger on the screen.

For this new change, Instagram has decided that people who want to redirect their followers to a web page can do so through a profile sticker or link label. Thus, this tool will work in the same way as a file a poster From “@” or from hashtag association: Users will just have to click on the tag and it will redirect them to a new page, in this case, outside of Instagram.

Similarly, the company confirmed that with this new procedure there will be more interaction around external links, then, unlike what happens with Stories which has swipe up, stories with s . stickersí They will be able to receive responses from followers.

On the subject, Vishal Shah, Product Manager at Instagram, said in an interview with The Verge, that this test was born as a necessity to find out the use that people will give to the “subscriber” of the power of posting links in Stories. For this reason, full attention will be paid not only to the labels of the links that they put, but the frequency and the pages to which they are directed. In this way, it can be validated if people use this tool to generate spam within the app, or if, on the contrary, they take it as an option to share their lives outside of Instagram.

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Now, along with this announcement, another announcement came that surprised the followers of the social network. According to Shah, stickers It is the future of Stories for Instagram, so over time this feature will replace swipe up, as it is known today.

“That’s the kind of system we want to have in the future (…) and that’s what we hope to implement, if we can make this work”Instagram manager said.

At the moment, this new strategy could have room for all users of the social network, although it has not been announced how or when this tool will be used. In addition, Shah stresses that it is an option designed only for Instagram stories, and there is still a “plan” to take this idea to other areas of the social network such as feed I will go ssnakes.

Therefore, it remains to wait for the new announcements that Instagram makes about this new feature, which undoubtedly promises to democratize access to information on its platform and bring greater social and cultural justice among its users.

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