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Instagram will ask its users to share their birthday

Instagram will start asking its users to confirm their date of birth to maintain their accounts and take care of minors. This was announced by the Facebook app itself in a statement issued on the company’s official blog. While it is true that users can lie as they age, the app is developing technology that allows them to recognize those particular situations.

Instagram He revealed that he is working on a copy of Special app for children under 13 years oldDespite criticism for its record of failing to protect children on its platforms. In a new statement, the Facebook-owned platform confirmed that It will start asking its users to indicate their date of birth. The objective of this requirement will beEnsuring age-appropriate experiences are providedIt can also be read in the official text.

As indicated by Instagram, the app will ask its users to do so Select your date of birth as soon as you open the application. Those who don’t do this at first will get a A series of pop-up notifications asking you to enter your details in order to continue using the social network. Of course, these changes will only affect those who have not previously shared their date of birth in the app.

As the company mentioned it This information will be requested prior to some publications that may be inappropriate for minors. In the same statement, Instagram indicated that it is aware that some users They can enter a fake dateIf it is, then It works with technology that allows you to address these situations individually.

This artificial intelligence program It will be based on a review of posts by users related to birthdaysIn addition, it will track other users’ messages to ensure that the age indicated in the history matches the age specified in reality. Currently the app It did not say whether it would impose penalties on users who lie about their registered age.

This is how Instagram will ask its users to select their date of birth

It should be remembered that a while ago, the application announced the launch of a file A tool that prevents older users from sending messages to a minor, unless the minor is following you. In the same way, the application creates a file Represents children under 16 years of age Shun private by default, allowing you to customize the experience. Currently, the app does not allow children under 13 to create profiles, something they will try to change soon with its own version for kids.