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Invented the robot that climbs stairs to clean multi-level houses

Madrid. – Dyson has developed a system of autonomous cleaning robots that can overcome obstacles in the home and be able to go up or down stairs and other slopes, and they can also clean the steps.

The British company has registered two patents with the UK Intellectual Property Office, completed in February 2020, but published in September, for use in autonomous cleaning robots.

The first patents deal with the creation of a three-wheeled star-shaped robot in which at least two are always in contact with the ground – similar to shopping carts for climbing stairs – and a mechanical arm that acts as an additional support point and propulsion point.

With this system, the patent demonstrates that it is possible to develop a cleaning robot capable of navigating autonomously in “complex human environments” such as stairs.

With stairs up, Dyson hopes the new system will be able to clean stairs through existing systems, such as vacuum cleaners, applied in the mechanical arm.

For its part, the second patent refers to the design of the “robot hand”, which is equipped with fingers to be able to interact with and pick up various objects, as well as a suction mechanism like that of a vacuum cleaner.

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