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Is there a new “Super Quality” preset coming?

From Valentine Sattler
Nvidia allegedly wants to add a new “Ultra Quality” mode to DLSS, which is supposed to offer higher image quality. However, there is currently no information on the release date.

After AMD finally submitted a competition to DLSS with Fidelity FX Super Resolution last week, Nvidia may want to counter that with a new preset. According to the Reddit post, in addition to the Ultra Quality, Performance, Balanced, and Quality levels, an “Ultra Quality” mode could be added soon.

Super quality DLSS in Unreal Engine

The post’s creator, used by the name Reinhardovich, refers to the DLSS documentation for Unreal Engine 5. This should show a table that lists the “Ultra Quality” preset as the highest quality. There is also a note that this information should not be public at this time.

The various variables of DLSS mainly affect the accuracy with which the graphics card calculates the image before upgrading. In Ultra-Performance mode, the accuracy is divided into three relative to the final result, while the most beautiful “Quality” mode to date still counts two-thirds of the accuracy. The new “Ultra Quality” preset here should go up a bit and calculate, say, 75 percent of the final accuracy.

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When and whether Nvidia will actually release the new preset, unfortunately, that’s not clear from the published schedule. According to Reinhardovich, DLSS will already be delivered with the current Unreal Engine plugin, while the latest DLSS titles are still based on DLSS The new mode may already be available to developers. In terms of AMD’s Fidelity FX Super Resolution, an early release would make sense so that Nvidia could draw more attention to itself when it comes to upgrading.

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