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Isabella Massis will star in "Dancing with the Stars".  Full program system

Isabella Massis will star in “Dancing with the Stars”. Full program system

August 30 this year. The 12th edition of the Polish edition “Dancing with the Stars” will begin. So far, the product has revealed the names of most of the participants who caused mixed emotions among the fans of the show.

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Internet users and some celebrities have noticed that not even a single star of the best design will appear in the upcoming version of the show. Famous choreographer and choreographer Ora Korolyov was surprised by the invitation to the Olivia Biennia show and even wrote on her Instagram:

“Where is this young and definitely good girl a star? Those who have already achieved something in their lives really don’t want to come to TzG?” Problems with this budget? “ He asked rhetorically.

It seems that the voice of criticism on “Dancing with the Stars” will not fade for long. It was revealed on a gossip website that the show was featured … Adam Massis’ wife.

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Isabella Moyes will dance in the 12th edition of “Dancing with the Stars”

The Pomponic Portal was reached by an informant who revealed that Isabella Mays had decided to participate in the show “Dancing with the Stars”.

“Isa is looking forward to starting training, she knows it’s a big challenge, physically, but thankfully she has a great support for her husband, an athlete who supports her a lot. Adam is her biggest supporter.” – Informed about the program informed the service.

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The preparation of this project had to obtain the consent of the wife of the most famous Polish ski jumper for many years.

“The production has solicited his contribution for many seasons and has received many offers to participate in ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Now everyone is very happy and finally time allowed him to participate in the show.” The informant said.

Photo: Andros Chilaki / MW Media

Adam Massis with his wife Isabella

We remind you that this is also one of the stars dancing for the Crystal Ball: Olivia Bienuk (daughter of Anna Presipilska and Jarosva Peenyuk), Denis Urupko (climber), Sylvia Pamba (“Cockfox. In front of the TV” show heroine), Kinga Chavsok (influence), wife of Magdalena Kajrovskov (singer) (Singer of the Weekend Disco Polo Group) and Wagga Wokovich (athlete) and a famous MMA fighter – Jurassic.

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