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It has been revived with better graphics.  Blizzard shows what's new in the game

It has been revived with better graphics. Blizzard shows what’s new in the game

Alpha and beta testing are usually just a marketing gimmick, but with Diablo 2 Resurrected, the April testing was clearly more than that. Based on feedback collected from players, Blizzard has made several improvements that we’ll see in action in August, when people who pre-ordered can check out this title in action themselves.

In April, the Blizzard team introduced the following fixes:

  • New compensating visual effect: lightning, blizzard, holy cold
  • Modified visual effects for spells (such as cold spells), poisons, or other status effects to damage or immobilize monsters
  • Colors of scroll icons, elixir and gems have been improved
  • Best stock codes
  • New accessibility options during gameplay (from automatic gold collecting, large font mode, expanded UI (for PC players), through gamma/contrast settings, to improve readability)
  • New way to display items (you can choose whether to turn item names on or off with a button, or if you prefer to keep the original ‘press and hold’ method)
  • Improvements to the automatic map
  • The clock has been added
  • The previously added excess grunts and screams have been removed.

You can see some of these changes in action below, and they all look really promising!

Diablo 2 Resurrected launches on September 23 On PC and consoles, this year we will also play the amazing and promising Diablo Immortal. Of course, we also have the constantly developed Diablo 4 on the horizon.

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