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Italy: Draghi calls for government leadership

Italy: Draghi calls for government leadership

The only way forward is to build a new coalition charter. Are you ready to build a new charter? You don’t have to give me the answer. Draghi said in the letter: You must give the answer to the Italian people.

The prime minister said he was touched by the recent support he has received from ordinary Italians and in particular mayors and health workers, whom he called “the heroes of the pandemic”.

At the same time, Draghi puts demands on Parliament and wants broad support to be able to lead the government and implement the necessary reforms, including participating in EU support to tackle epidemics.

Draghi’s speech was met with standing ovations in the Senate, with the exception of the Five Star Movement which is part of the current government and whose members sat motionless.

Coalition government

During the day, it will be determined whether Draghi has enough support to continue as prime minister. The country has been going through a political crisis since Draghi wanted to step down as prime minister last week but President Sergio Matterella denied this.

Draghi leads a coalition government that includes parties from the left and the right. Italian media reported that in recent days, Draghi held talks with the parties to reach a political solution.

‘A typical Italian crisis’

It’s unclear how the day will develop, but there is a lot to suggest there will be a new vote of confidence in the Senate at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Draghi was able to vote of confidence last Thursday but chose to resign because he felt his support was not enough.

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We are in the midst of a typical Italian political crisis, so all the buildings can be changed from second to second, Giovanni Orsina at Louis State School tells AFP.