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Jake Gillenhall likens filming intimate scenes with Jennifer Aniston to torture

Jake Gillenhall likens filming intimate scenes with Jennifer Aniston to torture

Jake Gillenhall has been at the pinnacle of Hollywood for many years. The 40-year-old actor began his adventure with the show business from a young age, for example, when he did not appear in the movie “Botten Kasori” (1992) because … his parents did not leave him home for two months.

Quastore became famous for his roles in popular productions such as “Tony Darko”, “Tomorrow is the Next Day”, “Zodiac” or “Brock Back Mountain Mystery”. For the latter performance, he was nominated for an Oscar, and he became the godfather of the daughters of Heath Ledgers and Michael Williams, with whom he worked on the set of a popular film.

Currently, Jack Gillenhall can be found on Netflix’s latest hit production thriller “Winnie”, which is one of the most popular films on the Polish streaming service list. That’s the picture The new version of the Danish product, the creators were inspired by recording the conversation of the 911 operator [w Stanach Zjednoczonych jest to numer, pod który należy dzwonić w nagłych przypadkach] Posted on YouTube with abducted woman.

It was torture. Although in some respects it is good. I felt intense emotions then. So, working with her was not easy for me. I enjoyed it, but not because of the ‘friends’, I’m not a big fan. Her personality is very attractive

Quostore added that filming scenes like this is also very disgusting as there are a lot of people in the set:

It’s totally awkward, nothing to get excited about. Thirty or fifty people in the set see you. Well, the opportunity did not excite me. It’s all weird machine, designed to look beautiful on screen. This can be compared to fight scenes, which also have a specific dance art

What do you think about the actor’s confession? Did you know that Jake Gillenhall recently admitted that he did not want to wash himself?

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