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James Rodriguez gives his son his first sports car and eases the nets

James Rodriguez gives his son his first sports car and eases the nets

James Rodriguez, a footballer for the Colombia national team and a midfielder for Al Rayyan club, is a fan of sports cars, but now he shares his passion with his young son Samuel, who surprised him with an adorable model behind the wheel. Don’t miss the photo that captivated everyone.

James Rodriguezplayer Colombian national team Based on Ryan In addition to his passion for football that has accompanied him since he was young, he has also confessed in various interviews his love for The sports cars he collects in his awesome garage.

Each of the models he acquires usually changes them to his preference according to the occasion, From the most advanced to the off-road, An opportunity that allows you to travel to different places without any restrictions in conjunction with a variety of jobs, not far from the size Cristiano Ronaldo Not the Argentine star Messi.

There is one in particular like BMW M8And the Which is part of the attractive models in his personal repertoire and one of the most used models in his daily routine because of the simplicity, comfort and convenience that he achieves when he starts it. have a motor With 625/6000 hp, 250 km/h speed, highlighting the acceleration from 0-100 kmph in just 3.2 seconds, great equipment worth about 200 thousand dollars.

BMW Reference Model

Brand said, It has many elements that make it special, such asthe exceptional synthesis of comfort, performance and efficiency creates a luxurious environment with maximum feel behind the wheel, capable of delivering power, aerodynamic elegance and ergonomic design for customized travel.

The car has an exceptional interior, comfortable with an abundance of technology, roomy allowing the driver and passengers to enjoy An experience full of comfort, safety and tranquility under the highest quality Midway.

It is worth highlighting the details that surprised all his fans when For his son Samuel’s second birthday, he presented him with an adorable little BMW X6M By chance from the same car brand he chose, some assumed he did so to teach him his passion for cars from an early age.

+ Look at the photo of James Rodriguez’s son driving his BMW that melted the grilles tenderly:

James Rodriguez’s son in his small BMW

+ Enjoy the funniest moments of James in the car:

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