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Jenna’s Extraordinary Children – Happens One in 200 Million

Gina Dudney, who lives in the town of Frodsham in England, suspected early on that she was pregnant with twins because she was “too hormonal”.

– I had a very hard time falling asleep. Gina Dudney says I also have migraines, and I usually don’t have them at all.

But Jenna and her husband Craig got a real surprise when they went for an ultrasound after 13 weeks of pregnancy.

“You have twins,” she said right away, and we thought it was a nice surprise, says Gina Dudney.

The next surprise came a moment later.

– The woman checked the place and suddenly three heads appeared on the screen. She said, “Oh my gosh, this is the first time in 26 years I’ve found triplets when I scan!” , says Gina Dudney.

“I just screamed straight away”

The whole thing was a bit surprising for the parents.

– I thought, “Stop now, find no more!” It was a real shock. I just yelled, “Three?” , says Gina Dudney.

The next ultrasound at week 24 showed that the triplets were medically rare because they share the same placenta. The probability of this happening is one in 200 million according to the opinion of doctors.

Babies Jamie, Jensen and Jackson were born prematurely after 31 weeks on April 26, but all three are now healthy. Jenna commends the care staff:

– They were great and took good care of our kids.

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