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Jorneck: We will promote education in uniform classes

2021-09-20 17:36

2021-09-20 17:36

Jorneck: We will promote education in uniform classes
Photo: Mateusz Włodarczyk / / Forum

Pilot programs are already in place to promote education in uniform classes. We want to start with low Polish voyeurism – said the Minister of Education and Science Professor. Presmisa Jarnek during a press conference in Tomassov Masoviki.

On Monday, the Minister of Education visited several educational institutions in the Audi region – he was in Piotrko, where he opened a small center for course learning, including Tomasov Masoviki. No. on the high school campus. Tadeusz Kościuszko.

After a meeting with youth and teachers and local government officials during a press conference at ZSP, Minister Jorneck stressed the importance of the development of education in uniform classes.

“It would be even better if young people see themselves in uniform to serve Poland. We will certainly promote education in uniform classes,” he stressed.

“There are already some projects in this area, namely the so-called pilot projects. We would like to start with Małopolskie voivodship” – said the Minister.

“Uniform classes are the most important part of education” – stressed Sezmin Marshall and former National Defense Minister Anthony Masierovis. “This applies not only to uniformed military classes, but also to police and firefighters. All services that guarantee the security of the state“- he argued.

Southeastern part of the province at the end of the visit. Lodz, Minister of Education and Science, representatives of the region and local government officials visited two Catholic schools: the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Poland and the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Badre Pio in Tomasov Masoviki. (BAP)

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Author: Hubert Beckrich

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