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Josiane Balasco talks about her love at first sight with Georges Aguilar: “I was married too…”

On the occasion of the first back-to-school issue, Michele Drucker called Josiane Balasco To talk about his news on his red couch. The 71-year-old actress came withwidowWhich you answered in the new play Chalet in Gstaadwhich will be launched on September 9 in Paris. A play written by Josiane Balasco in which she also plays with her husband, Georges Aguilar. This is the fourth time the couple has worked together in their two decades of relationship. Nothing surprising when you know it is In the group where they fell in love at first sight. That was in 1999.

We met on the set of Gérard Lozier’s latest movie, which was son of the french With Fanny Ardant. We got lost in the woods and came across a tribe that took us to it. At the head of the tribe was an Indian chief. There was a party organized, which we were not aware of at all. During this ceremony, I found myself married to an Indian chief Fanny was married to a shaman. It turns out that Indian President GeorgeJosiane Balasco said.

At the time, communication was not clear for either of the two. Georges Aguilar did not speak a word of French, and Josiane Balascoalmost no englishHowever, the magic worked without anyone expecting it. Perhaps except for director Gerard Luzier.The first thing Gerard Lozier said to me three months before the shooting, at the time, I was married too (with the late Philip Berry, editor’s note)… He said to me : “Josian, I found you a beautiful husband‘, she remembered. Her Native American husband should add:The first sentence I said to her in Spanish was: ‘you are my wife(You will be my wife). “Because I was supposed to be his wife in the movieJosiane Balasco explained before concluding:Here , There are things written.“Since that meeting, they have not left one another.

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