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Harry Kane (fot. Getty Images)

Kane, Shaw, Sterling – The English were having fun in Rome [OCENY]

After a 4-0 win over Ukraine in the Euro 2020 quarterfinals, the British can explode with pride. Their players, especially in the second half, provided offensive and effective football, which gave them confidence ahead of the decisive matches of the tournament.

Euro 2020. Ukraine – England, quarterfinals [SKRÓT]

This is the final summary of the Euro 2020 quarterfinals. In Rome, Ukraine played with the English.

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Estimates of Ukrainian players:

Heiorij Pusskan – 4/10

It is easy to hit the goalkeeper after a game that has scored four goals. However, Puscan may have a grudge mainly against his colleagues because he could not do much.

Mykona Madvijenko – 4/10
He lost the title to Maguire, and he was the main culprit in the second goal for English.

Serhii Krivtsov – 4/10
Harry Kane missed him in the 4th minute and scored for the English. Due to injury, he did not finish the meeting.

Ilya Jaberni – 3/10

Vitaly Mykolenko– 4/10

Oleksandr Jinchenko – 4/10
It was a valuable match for the Manchester City player, but it was not easy for him to return to the dressing room at Etihad Stadium after such a performance.

Mykola Saparenko – 5/10
Very active Ukrainian in the middle of the field. However, in the second half, he was completely gone, like his entire team.

Serhi Sidorksuk – 4/10

Oleksandr Karavajev – 4/10
In the struggle against Sterling he sought to defend Jaberniz. However, it was difficult for him to keep up with the fast winger.

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Andrei Yarmolenko – 5/10
He wisely moved back and forth to the opponent’s penalty area. With the exception of Jeremiah, he was the only one to “reach” the level of his rival.

Roman Jaremsuk – 6/10
The most active player of the Ukrainian team. In the first half, he wiped out the Ukrainian defenders. However, it is not enough to at least write help next to my name.

* * *

Victor Sikankov – 4/10

Yevgeny Makarenko – 5/10

Raheem Sterling and Mykona Saparenko (Photo: Getty Images)
Raheem Sterling and Mykona Saparenko (Photo: Getty Images)

England Player Ratings:

Jordan Pickford – 6/10

He had little work to do and he finished the game clean again. Conversely, there is an uncertain path ahead of the penalty area.

Luke Shaw – 8/10
He felt the attack again, this time with a free kick into the head of Maguire with a large cross, and then assisted Kane’s second win.

Harry Maguire – 8/10
Yaremsuk pressed relentlessly in the first half and he was the winner of the match. Useful on both sides of the pitch.

John Stones – 7/10
He scored four successful interceptions near his own penalty area, which could have ended up being at least a good chance for the Ukrainians.

Kyle Walker – 7/10

Declan rice – 7/10
He broke the actions of the Ukrainians well in the middle of the field. He had the most releases from all the players on the English team.

Calvin Phillips – 6/10
The average performance of the Leeds United player, he was very bad for the team physically. The coach may have already replaced him in the 65th minute.

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Rahim Sterling – 8/10
He played again, helped Kane win, and then contributed 3-0. After this match, the English will praise Kane, but he can already be said to be the most important person to attack the islanders.

Mason Mount – 7/10
Matching the Champions League winner, his many small drops and passes were in the highest order.

Jadon Sancho – 7/10
Pugayo Saga was injured in the starting line-up, which has long been demanded by a large section of English supporters. There was nothing special about his role, but he presented himself no more than his rival.

Harry Kane – 9/10
He had to wait a long time for his goals, but in the knockout stages he took charge on the shoulders. The game ended in a double, maybe even a hat trick. England needed such a cane at this point in the championship.

* * *

Jordan Henderson – 7/10

He scored a goal as soon as he entered the field and walked right into the penalty area at a steady point.

Jude Bellingham – 6/10

Kieran Tripper – 6/10

Marcus Rashford – 6/10

Dominic Calvert-Levine – 6/10


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