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Kirby and the Forgotten Land has a release date for the Nintendo Switch

According to information provided in September last year, a new game focused on the popular pink hero was scheduled to be released this spring. Nintendo and the HAL Laboratory have decided not to keep players in suspense for much longer.

officially announcethat game Kirby and the Forgotten Land It’ll be right on the Nintendo Switch console 25 March 2022. Along with this important announcement, a new one has arrived on the network, which you can find below.

Kirby is a fully absorbing brave hero reimagined by players with a new 3D platformer. The title character will visit a mysterious island full of exotic creatures and plants. Unfortunately, a group of friendly monsters have kidnapped, and our goal will be to rescue.

in the game Kirby and the Forgotten Land Waddle Dee Town will appear for the first time, which will be our base for each mission. This is where you will find various supply stores, and meet friends NPCs. Don’t forget to visit Waddle Dee Café! However, the most important thing is that the Waddle Dee must be safe.

Are you waiting for this production to come?

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