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Koh Lanta All Stars: Removing Ahmed from this edition? He shares an amazing theory

Iconic Koh Lanta candidate, Ahmed announced that he has not been selected to participate in the All-Stars edition, which brings together the best adventurers from previous seasons. And the poor swimmer thinks he knows the reasons.

And in the end, there will only be twenty left! Filming an all-star version of Koh Lanta It didn’t start after Denis Brogniart and production had already put out the torches of several competitors. Thursday, April 8 Twenty-four iconic heroes from previous seasons, including four reservists, have left town. Toward French Polynesia for competition and become the ultimate adventurer. Among the shortlisted nominees, survival game fans will retain Claude Dartois, the brilliant loser Tehiura, Clemence Castel or even Alexandra, the winner of the latest edition. On the other hand, Muhammad and Romuld were not considered successful enough to be a part of “Best”More or less deeply sorry.

But another “king of the jungle” came out of his den to answer his lack of choice. He is Ahmed, the character who distinguished the viewers for his strategic side and his weakness in sports, especially during water events. More than one account from Casio FX92, the owner of the restaurant He saw his tactics backfire To the delight of the program’s fans.

“They only needed one strategist.”

And there, again, he has a developing theory to explain his absence from the cast. “They only needed one man-made strategist, Evolves into an Instagram story. Patrick (rightly) won the place.Continuing his point of view: They put no more than three people from the same season. And Claude Te Sam was clearly the priority. 4 out of 10 men from Heroes Island, this would have been too muchRather, it was clear, Ahmed ends his argument with a note of humor:They know I was on the verge of being cut off from the start because of the poster, and they’d rather save me for later so that I don’t spoilWe are really sorry for that!

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