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Krzysztof Zakrzewski is dead.  The actor is 72 years old

Krzysztof Zakrzewski is dead. The actor is 72 years old

Author: TOMEK ZIELINSKI / Eastern News

Krzysztof Zalewski is dead – this information appeared on Saturday, June 19, 2021. Polish viewers can get to know him from many popular TV series. He is a very talented man, a role model for many young actors. He died at the age of 72. What Polish products can you remember?

Krzysztof Zakrzewski Is dead – this is the information provided by the Union of Polish Stage Artists on Saturday 19 June 2021. – With sadness and despair we say goodbye to Christoph Zakrowski – an actor, graduate of the Audi Film School of Action. He died after a long, heroic fight. Until recently, this seemed successful – We read in the announcement. – About a moment ago, his colleagues selected him on the board of the newly formed ZASP’s dubbing division. He was beautiful, he came back to us with new energy to join social activities, and seemed to be taking on and dubbing new characters professionally in the film. – Union members add. It added that Krzysztof “was outspoken, well-sung, and had a distinctive voice, so it was no surprise that he spent countless hours in recording studios.”

Krzysztof Zakrzewski – Who is he?

Krzysztof Zakrzewski was born in 1949. He studied at Auto, where he graduated from state high school, acting faculty in television and theater. L. Schiller. For many years he has worked in various theaters across the country, including the Comedy Theater in Warsaw.

Krzysztof Zakrzewski – Series, dubbing

Krzysztof Zakrzewski An actor, Polish viewers may have known from series such as For Good and For Bad, Na Wspólnej, Clan, Extradation, Dome or 07 Report. He was also considered a dubbed legend. Did he use his voice to teletepse, Toy Story Psy Finding Nemo?