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KSW61: Fight Card – Bolshoi Game

This will be the second fight this year for “Budgeon”. During KSW59, the rival of the former strongman was Sekrin Usman Thea. However, on the day of the fight, “Bombardier” suffered an attack of intestinal inflammation and had to undergo surgery. The fight has been canceled. The main event was saved by Nikola Milanovic, who took the place of Senegal and faced the “Budjian”. The fight lasted a very short time and ended with a certain victory for the Pole.

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At the same exhibition, Łukasz Jurkowski, in an interview with Polsat Sport, revealed that he wants to cross the glove with “Budjian”. Competitors and KSW bosses decided it was a good idea and signed on for the KSW61: Two Fight or No Fight gala. For “Jurassic” it will come back after a gap of two years. In the last fight at KSW48, the rival from Warsaw defeated Stipe Pekavak via DKO in the first round.

In the co-main event, there will be a fantastic clash in the feather section. Former champion Salahuddin Barnas (14-1-1, 2Co, 4Sub) will try to get back on track after losing the title. Dangerous Croatian Philippejic (15-4-2, 10Co, 3sub) will stand in his way. The competition of the two leading heavyweights will also be interesting. Former Challenger Mikey Kita (20-12-1, 12k, 5sub) will face off against Targo Stosik (14-4, 9k, 1sub).

In addition, in the exhibition we will see with others Tomas Romanovsky 13-7, 4C, 1sub, Roman Simaski (13-6, 2Co, 3sub) and Carolina Ovsars (3-1, 2sub). In total, there are nine duels on the fight card.

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Karta walk gali KSW 61: Fight or do not fight:

120.2 kg / 265 LP: Marius Budjianovsky (14-7, 9Co) vs asukasz Jurkowski (17-11, 7KO, 4 Sub)

65.8 kg / 145 LP: Saladin Barnas (14-1-1, 2C, 4S) Vs Philippegic (15-4-2, 10C, 3S)
120.2 kg / 265 LP: Micahs Kita (20-12-1, 12 Goes, 5 Sat) vs Tarko Stosik (14-4, 9 Go, 1 Sat)
77.1 kg / 170 LP: Tomas Romanovsky (13-7, 4C, 1Sub) vs Patrick Kinkle (23-9, 11C, 6Sub)
70.3 kg / 155 LP: Roman Simaski (13-6, 2C, 3S) vs Donovan Desmey (14-7, 7C, 3S)
53.5 kg / 118 LP: Carolina Ovsers (3-1, 2sb) vs Monica Cusinic (1-0)
93 kg / 205 LP: Presmis Myciala (24-10, 11C, 12Sub) vs Evan Erslon (9-1, 5C, 1Sub)
65.8 kg / 145 LP: Damien Stasiac (12-7, 1C, 9sub) vs Andrei Liegnev (19-9, 6c, 7sub)
77.1 kg / 170 LP: Jacob Cominiers (9-7, 1CO, 6S) vs Adam Knightweed (7-4, 1KO, 6S)

Transmiza Empty KSW61: Fighting or Fighting w Systemy PPV.

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