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Laurent Dillahous made a huge mistake by addressing Gilbert Montagne (video)

This Sunday, October 17, Laurent Delahousse greets Gilbert Montagni on a plateau 8:30 p.m., Sunday. By throwing a magnet, the journalist will make the fatal mistake of addressing his blind guest, in which he will ask the latter to “watch” the images being broadcast …

I weigh 950 gramsIt is the beginning of the touching story of Gilbert Montagné who recounts his early life moments in a book, In the garden of my life Released in 2018. Born very early after 5 and a half months of pregnancy in a modest family, he did not have much chance of getting out. This Sunday, October 17, the singer was on the set 8:30 p.m., Sunday. Laurent Dillahous reviewed all the great moments in the life of a translator Under the tropical sun. In addition to the blindness that brought him back with a lot of philosophy, the singer spoke about his beginnings and political stances and told a touching anecdote about Johnny Hallyday.

“Look…Listen, we’ll be back.”

In 1979, Johnny Hallyday invited Gilbert Montagni to accompany him on stage. This is the archive that Laurent Dillahous decided to show his guest on Sunday evening. To release the magnet, the journalist will make a big mistake. stuck in the moment, The host will address the singer inappropriately blind : “We’re on stage and Johnny Hallyday would say so. Look… listen, we’re back‘He goes off hesitantly. And for good reason, the journalist has just realized his mistake! A little later, Alice Taglioni’s companion will try to make up for it:’Two minutes ago I said, “Look at Gilbert, can you imagine! What do you see from all this?”He asks him before immediately following up with another question about his work.

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“That’s you wanted”

Despite the awkwardness of Laurent Dillahous, Gilbert Montagne does not take it back and tells his touching story without frown. After this beautiful moment of joint complicity on stage with Johnny Hallyday, an evening is organized. “At the end of her show, I’m leaving because I’m not the starLittle humble singer. But the artist misjudged: “At about 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., I got a call‘says. The captain is on the phone:’Gilbert, why aren’t you here?Johnny asks him, and the artist explains that “I didn’t think it was okay to stay at the partyBut this answer does not fit the late translatorrake : You are the one I wanted, to reply. A touching story that Gilbert Montaigne will never forget.