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Lava approaches the sea in La Palma – warnings of toxic clouds

Lava approaches the sea in La Palma – warnings of toxic clouds

Early on Monday Authorities in La Palma announced that lava flows from the volcanic eruption are close to reaching the sea. Work has begun to seal off areas around the eastern part of the island’s coast.

Lava is expected to reach the Atlantic Ocean Within a few hours, warnings of toxic clouds and explosions were issued.

“Residents should follow the recommendations of the authorities and stay indoors with doors and windows closed,” the Canary Islands Rescue Service wrote on Twitter.

According to Reuters, the advice to evacuate or stay indoors mainly affects coastal cities around the municipality of Tazacorte, including San Borondon, Marina Alta and La Condesa.

The Rescue Service in the Canary Islands believes that toxic clouds and eruptions will occur when the lava reaches the Atlantic Ocean, and will affect the health of all people and livestock in the area.

Yesterday, the airport reopened After it closed due to large ash clouds. But domestic airlines continue to cancel outbound flights.

The volcanic eruption in La Palma has now been going on for just over a week, but it entered a new eruption phase on Friday. In total, the explosion destroyed hundreds of homes, and so far forced more than 6,000 people to leave their homes due to eviction. The eruption is expected to last between 24 and 84 days, according to the Canary Islands Volcanic Institute.

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