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League of Legends: These are the new skins for Sentinels of Light

Scientist League of Legends Influenced by the new event he is hosting Riot Games: that of guards of light. Through a puzzle on his official website, players were able to see clues in a picture Vigo that referred to the event. This is the method used by the file A new batch of skins, which puts the guards against the Terminator.

This can be described as Riot’s most ambitious event to date, as it has consequences not only for League of Legends, but also It also affects Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and even Valorant.

New Skins of the Sentinels of Light event in LoL

The official League of Legends account gave us a look at New skins for Riven, Irelia, Diana, Olaf, Vayne and Pantheon. We present it here:

Diana Sentinel

Fine Sentinella

Olaf Sentinel

Riven Centinela

Irelia Centinela

The ruined pantheon

The pantheon will also have a file prestige edition, although his spray art has yet to be revealed. There will be more information about the event in the coming days, including Revealed the next hero Aksham.

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