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LeBron James booed by Lakers fans in the middle of the game!

Because of the humiliation at home on Sunday night, the Lakers can’t do that. The playoffs are far from certain, and LeBron James may be unhappy after the team performance. However, at, King has also been a victim of fan whistles: a symbol of the separation between the two parties.

In committing to winning games to get to a place in the playoffs, the Lakers clearly didn’t get the message. On Sunday evening, the series sank against the Pelicans, with a 123-95 defeat. A real disappointment for the fans, who were not satisfied with the efforts made by the players, how to be?

An interrogation is expected in the coming days, why not the departure of Frank Vogel, more than ever in the hot seat. But against New Orleans, every player performed poorly, including LeBron Jamesdespite getting 32 points.

For the first time, LeBron in the Lakers since his arrival!

With a difference of -22, we can’t say that the Akron native had a positive impact on this game. He had been clumsy for a long time, and was content to do his stats in the end. In the third quarter, while the Lakers were in distress, the whistle would be sounded for King after a missed pass.

The idea is good but the implementation is not. Tallinn Horton Tucker is not in his position, and he can’t necessarily see this pass come in with so many players in front of him. It’s just one measure, but it perfectly sums up Angelenos’ failed third quarter.

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Will there be consequences after this defeat? It is possible, but it will be necessary to wait for the summer to witness major changes. If LeBron repeats that he wants to stay in the City of Angels, He can demand the departure of a certain person.

If LeBron James starts getting home whistling, it’s a Lakers crisis. The performances are so unsettling, that the playoffs may already be a long way from Frank Vogel’s men. Fans have lost hope…