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Lechia Gdańsk makes another statement.  "We are very sorry"

Lechia Gdańsk makes another statement. “We are very sorry”

“This statement is our official and only position as of today and we ask for your understanding. As soon as we know more and are able to share with you, we will certainly provide additional information. (…) Our entire team, the club – many, for the first time in many years, in the European Cups It has been working for weeks to allow fans to watch Lechia’s victory from the stands. Unfortunately, instead of enjoying the game together with Lechia’s fans, we found it unacceptable. We know that the services have already taken action and ensured surveillance, and the main culprits have been identified and detained” – Lechia said in a press release.

“The referee and the representative decided to resume the game. We do not know what consequences this situation will have on the club. We are very sorry that a group of hooligans tried to destroy 15,000 people in the stands for this game. Such behavior is not and never will be at Gdańsk Stadium!” – We read in the report.

The match between Lechia Gdansk and Macedonian Pandeev Academy in the first round of the Conference League qualifiers was interrupted in the eighth minute by a riot in the arena. Dozens of people armed with equipment, incl. Baseball bats began hitting the remaining fans, who were the most ardent fans in the stands.

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Eventually the match resumed and Lechia defeated Pandev Academy 4:1. Flavio Paixao notched his hat-trick.


He was the hero of the most surprising transfer of a Polish footballer this summer – Mateusz Lis was kicked out of the Turkish league and then signed a contract in the Premier League. So he became a Saint, meaning a Southampton footballer. In “X-Ray,” the happy goalkeeper — after all, every saint walks away smiling — talks about an unexpected move and a game at Wisla Krakow, where coach Maciej Stolarczyk asked them to learn the words to the song. miłość w Zakopanem”, and Kuba Błaszczykowski flew to training by helicopter.