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Lego Masters 2 - Who won the second edition?  We know the winners!

Lego Masters 2 – Who won the second edition? We know the winners!

Author: Cezary Piwowarski / TVN

Lego Masters is a program that can be viewed on TVN. The event is attended by fans of Lego bricks, whose mission is to create spectacular miniatures of buildings, vehicles and spaces, intricate mechanisms and entire cities in each episode. The final match of the second edition is behind us. Who won the big prize?

Lego Masters 2 – Who won the second edition? We know the winners! Very entertaining show and completely new fun format. The most famous Lego bricks and buildings ever seen only in movies! In each chapter, participants must face tasks and create spectacular structures made of Lego bricks. It is a test of the participants’ skills, creativity, imagination and technical skills. At the end of each episode, the weaker pair leave the show. The first 3 pairs are fighting for victory, which is the real clash of champions! The winner receives the Lego Master title and the PLN 100,000 prize … The finals of the second edition of the show are just behind us. Find out who the winners of the project are.

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Lego Masters 2 – Winners

The finals of the second edition of Lego Masters were performed by Rizard Posiak and Lucas Goreki and Bardek Masurkievich and Patrick Ziktara. At the end of the last episode of the show, we found out that Ryszard Bosiak and Łukasz Górecki were awarded the PLN 100,000 Prize. Who are the men?

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Ryszard Bosiak and Łukasz Górecki – who are they?

As we read on the official website of the Lego Masters program, “Ryszard and Łukasz both share the same business – they work in the visual area of ​​websites. They share the same feelings – love of guitar playing, computer games and Lego. Lucas is a techno and Gosplay fan. He creates his own costumes, and dressed up as characters from the post-apocalyptic universe, where he participates in festivals. Ryszard is interested in new technologies. Also interested in gardening. He grows vegetables and herbs on his balcony.