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Leonor from Spain sent to a survival camp: her boarding school is no kidding!

Leonor from Spain sent to a survival camp: her boarding school is no kidding!

Leonor from Spain continued her studies in the UK away from her family. Cool atmosphere or rather “attention”? Magazine “¡HOLA!” She revealed that Philip’s daughter from Spain will soon have an intense adventure with her school…

Spain’s Leonor is about to return to his native Spain for school holiday From the month of April. Since last August, the teenage girl has not been happy to share time with her loved ones, having left to continue her education away from the Iberian country at UWC Atlantic College, prestigious institution It is located in Wales. But the daughter of Juan Carlos and Letizia of Spain should also consider resting during this arc since thenSize test Waiting for him when he returns to the school benches. As reported by the media Welcome ! Thursday, March 31, will be sent survival camp.

His Royal Highness will share this unique experience with his companions in Precious lands steep, an area known for its stunning green scenery, but also for the high temperatures at this time of year. And so the Spanish Leonor will go camping The Koh Lanta method Under rather harsh conditions. As our colleagues have specified, the princess will not do that Can’t reach his phoneWhat a very valuable tool for a person of his age! Therefore it is impossible to communicate with her family, friends and even with the boy who makes her heart beat … The Princess of Asturias will also have to do without the soft bedding of her childhood and “Sleeping in a sleeping bagPromises!

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> Leonor and Sophia from Spain: elegant and invested young girls next to their fathers

Boarding School: A Colorful Experience!

This survival cycle is not the only one original activity Presented by UWC Atlantic College for its royal pupil. as specified Welcome !Infanta Sophia’s sister was recently photographed participating in Hindu festival of Holi Organized by his school. Thus the Spanish Leonor, with her companions, painted herself in various and varied dyes to celebrate joy and living together.

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Image credits: Dana Press / Bestimage