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Leticia Hallyday: Her adorable dog Santos at his worst!

Santos, Leticia Hallyday’s dog at his worst. The star spreads the news on social media and attracts fans.

Bad news for Leticia Hallyday ! It seems that His black lab, Santos, either gets worse. The star shares her grief on social media. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Leticia Hallyday on family vacation إجازة

Laetitia Hallyday has been taking things easy for a few weeks now. In fact, the young woman seems to have Take advantage of the summer vacation to be closer to his family.

And to do this I did Left the coast of California to reach France. With her companion, the beautiful blonde spent a few days in the south of France.

Unique opportunity To reconnect with his roots and find his mother. In fact, Johnny’s widow posted on Instagram with Françoise Thibaut.

This is in the gardens of a gourmet restaurant in Arles. “Back to basics with mom.” This is what Jalil Lispert’s friend wrote on social media.

After staying in Languedoc-RoussillonSo the star joined the capital. On July 14, she visited the most famous place in Paris.

Montmartre, Champ de Mars Or the Champs Elysees. So many legendary places that Leticia Hallyday wanted to visit for this occasion.

But all good things must come to an end. So, with a heavy heart, Jade and Joey’s mother traveled to another destination. As a family, then Smets Take the direction of St Barth Island.

A little heaven on earth that never stops bringing back so many memories for the young lady. But while she was enjoying her vacation, a tragedy arose. Her dog Santos is not at his best.

Labrador star is not working well

Stayed on the other side of the Atlantic, Labrador Leticia Hallyday didn’t seem to do well. Even Mickey Rourke was forced into itTake the dog to the vet.

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Currently, No details were given about his health. Fans continue to share their prayers in support of the beautiful blonde.

Without any hesitation, the latter also puts online All messages dedicated to Santos. She herself sent a small note to her pet.

“Prayers and love for our Santos. My baby. “ This is how the young woman wrote in a story before I thank Mickey Rourke for his help.

Santos recovered quickly. I have a strong idea for you little love. » This is what one fan said on her Instagram account. To underscore her point, the latter also uploaded a popular song by Johnny.

but that is not all ! An image is also attached to the text. In the photo, Leticia Hallyday hugs her dog with love while the latter looks He sleeps in the arms of his mistress.

A touching moment that Jalil Lispert’s companion will not share for long. Hoping that the animal recovers quickly. Anyway, one thing is for sure, and that’s that Leticia is very worried about her Labradors.