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“Let’s Dance” star canceled the entire tour: Fans outraged

Lily Paul Roncali and Massimo Senato danced to win the “Let’s Dance” season in 2020. There will be no revival of the dance between the two on tour.

Photo: Imago Images / Gartner

Massimo Senato was supposed to celebrate his return on stage on the live tour of RTL after this year’s parental break with “Let’s Dance.” The chain of events now has to deal with another setback.

Because from the very beginning, ticket buyers had to be very patient and understanding: the first tour took place with great success in 2019, and the second was planned for 2020. But because of the aura, like all other major events, it had to be completely postponed.

In November, some “Let’s Dance” pros should finally be able to perform alongside the most famous celebrities from the past two seasons. The public can familiarize themselves with the various hygiene regulations on specially prepared platforms. However, now and again there are short-term absences and replacements in the cast.

Massimo, who won in 2020 with artist Lily Paul Roncali, has now also tremendously dampened audience expectations – He has to cancel the entire tour.

Massimo Senato canceled the tour due to health reasons

The rejection has now been shared on the “Let’s Dance” official Instagram account. In the post, Senato personally told fans:

“I was really looking forward to the upcoming ‘Let’s Dance’ live tour, but unfortunately I have to cancel my participation for health reasons.”

Exactly what the dancer was missing, he left in the statement, but assured followers that he was getting better: “Unfortunately, I am currently not fit enough for competitive sports.” He wishes his colleagues and guests “a lot of fun on the tour.”

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Fans reacted with great disappointment to this news. In addition to the many wishes for a recovery, some commentators also expressed their displeasure with the chaotic situation around the tour: “I will return my card. No desire without Ikat and Massimo”, one of the users wrote and also criticized the lack of audience favorite Ekaterina Leonova, who was not allowed to dance for two years in a row.

Massimo Senato is missing from Kamel "let's go dancing"Round - and not the only one.

Massimo Senato is missing from the entire Let’s Dance tour – and he’s not the only one.

BILD: imago images / APress

“It’s a shame. Robert is not there, not Massimo, on some dates on the tour, he misses dancers and celebrities here and there. The anticipation is too cloudy for me personally.”This is what Massimo’s sick letter also said.

Because dancer Robert Petsch was also excluded from the tour after leaving the show this year: “Unfortunately, I can’t keep a date from the tour. I tried to talk to the folks from the production that I could provide a replacement dancer or we could somehow find a way, but now I’ve been kicked out of the whole tour”wrote on Instagram.

Massimo’s dance partner tries to appease fans

Questions about Lili Paul-Roncalli also quickly surfaced in this post, with some followers and ticket buyers fearing she might be missing out due to her dancing partner’s failure. But she reassured her fans with the following statement:

Although Massimo is absent due to illness, Lily Paul Roncale is with "let's go dancing"Tour included.

Lily Paul Roncali is part of the “Let’s Dance” tour despite Massimo’s absence due to illness.

Photo: screenshot / Instagram / lillypaul

More cancellations and substitutions for the hit round

It was recently announced that Moritz Hans will be dancing with us – but the 2020 runner-up is just an alternative: Valentina Bahdi and Luca Haney are absent on two dates in Leipzig and in history in Frankfurt am Main, and Hans will work on their solution.

Mutsy Mabuse cannot be present as juror on all 21 round dates.

Mutsy Mabuse cannot be present as a juror on all 21 round dates.

BILD: Paul/Getty Images

But not only among dancers and celebrities there are failures: Motsy Mabuse, a jury member in this country, also sits behind the jury desk on the British version of the “Stricty Come Dancing” format. Four broadcast dates overlap with the tour’s 21 dates, so Isabel Edvardson also represents her as a juror.