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Ligue 2 – Day 16: TFC shock win against Sochaux thanks to Reiss Healey’s quadruple (4-1)!

Ligue 2 – Day 16: TFC shock win against Sochaux thanks to Reiss Healey’s quadruple (4-1)!

The British striker delighted 15,000 fans at the stadium by scoring four goals. Thus, the Violet remains in first place in the standings and above all, is now 5 points ahead of the Sochalians, the direct opponent of promotion in the French League.

“Healy is on fire!” “Healy on fire!” This is the new chorus in the stadium spaces. The British TFC striker scored four goals on the afternoon of Saturday 20 November. 4 goals allow Violets to win the shock of the day 16 of the Ligue 2 League against Sochaux (it was the first against the fourth in the standings at the start of the match). Final win 4-1 allows Toulouse: 1). speaking first in order; 2). We now have 5 points ahead of the Lion Cubs, direct opponents to go up in Ligue 1.

Success bears the character of Reese Healy, the great man of the segment. It was one of his artillery shots that allowed the Violet to open the scoring in the 25th minute. Full pivot, Van den Bomen steals the ball at Mauricio’s feet, which Healy recovers. The Briton, without asking any questions, hit a powerful kick from the right at a distance of 20 meters (25, 1-0).

Penalty no whistling, scammer’s fatal mistake

A feat that heightened tensions in Sochalin, as coach Omar Duff thought Van den Beaumont’s foul on Mauricio early in the match. Sushali Tension, Chapter 2: The Cubs were supposed to take advantage of a penalty kick after 3 minutes, a hand from Pavodi Diakite in the area, and the referee did not punish her.

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Doubistes, who will finally find a tie on the blow of fate, in the 37th minute: on a harmless cross, a big mistake by Toulouse goalkeeper Maxime Dube who threw the ball back after seizing it. Gaëtan Weissbeck, who was lurking in the area, only had to push the ball into the empty goal (37, 1-1).

Maxime Dupé fires the ball during a picnic, a mistake Violet paid for “cash”.
DDM – Michel Fiala

Dobby who would save his family in the 43rd minute, sending off with a nice side trigger a powerful shot from Facebook who was aiming for the double.

Hailey Superstar

1 everywhere in the first half. Toulousains put in a boost as soon as they came back from the locker room. On the right, Nathan Ngomo lights the fuse, overflows, enters the roof, planted before striking. His shot was blocked by one of the defenders and fell into the hands of Healy, exempted from any Sochalin defender in the second post, who scores with a header (53, 2-1).

Double After 6 minutes, triple. Same winning combination: Nujo, left alone on his right side, is back almost half the field, in the middle in front of the Onaiwu goal (he entered at the break instead of Mvoué). The Japanese kick attempt was blocked by Sochaux Prefoot goalkeeper Reese Healy who was still in good standing and resumed without frills with a powerful right-footed shot (59′, 3-1).

The Manchester citizen continues his festival, and adds the way: in the 75th minute, with a free kick, Healy almost returned to the goal and was scored by a defender, and he was able to recover the ball with his foot, and the track lobe, Prevot, was hit (75, 4).

Thanks to this Healey-branded success, TFC is moving forward after more than a month without a win. Next match: in Trélissac (N2), on Sunday 28 November (8th round of the Coupe de France) and then in Niort on Monday 6 December (8:45 pm, day 17 of Ligue 2).