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Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga sing Smelly Cat [WIDEO]

Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga sing Smelly Cat [WIDEO]

One of the best moments of the show “Friends: Meeting Years Later” was when Lisa Kudrow sang “Smelly Cat” with Lady Gaga with her. Look again!

“Friends” returned with the HBO Max special after 17 years. The entire cast of the series included: Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), David Swimmer (Rose), Courtney Cox (Monica), Matthew Perry (Chandler), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey). Stories like the love of Aniston and Swimmer, and special guests, were stories of the past.

Friends: Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga sing Smelly Cat

Lisa Kudro performed Phoebe’s famous song “Smelly Cat”. Lady Gaga joined him, and the two artists sang a duet song – there too … good news!

– Thank you so much to all of us at “Friends” for being that person … I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it, but someone else or spontaneously – Gaga said.

In an interview with Ben Winston, director of the project “Friends: Meeting Years Later” Variety The stage for Lady Gaga’s performance was revealed.

– I asked Lisa if she was ready to sing it, and she said yes, it would be fun. We thought about a few names, and if we did, we realized that Gaga would be the best choice because Gaga has little to do with phobia and has been associated with him in so many ways. This is a very beautiful moment. Lady Gaga had the opportunity to do so, he said.

The director added that there was practically no time for Lisa Kudrow and Gaga to rehearse – but I have to admit that the result is impressive!

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Friends: Meeting years later is available on the HBO GO platform